Music composer for games -Murder House, Night at the Gates of Hell.


Dream Chaser OST won the LDJAM47 audio prize (LDJAM, 2020)

The Emulator won the Best Game & the Scariest Game awards  (Scream Jam, 2018)

Underwater nominated for a vinyl physical distribution (Vinyl Moon, 2017)


Real Stories from the Grave: Maleficium Demo - Deadbyte

Lost in Translation - FeatureKreep

Elephant's Graveyard - Broelbrak

Yet Another Atmospheric Horror Music Pack

Taboo Contract TCG - Megan Fu

The Deep Sorrow - Sengi Games

Yet Another Fantasy RPG Music Pack

Next Door - Broelbrak

Big Boy Boxing Demo - Soupmasters

Christmas Massacre - Puppet Combo

Murder House - Puppet Combo

Dream Chaser - Sengi Games

My Friend Rattlemot - Phantasm Lake

Samhain - Puppet Combo

Day7 - Puppet Combo

Backland - B-Cubed Labs

Solbone Gorge - Phantasm Lake

Concluse 2 Demo - Studio Snowspot & T Allen Studios

Moss Destruction - Shotgun with Glitters

The Emulator - Studio Snowspot & T Allen Studios

Concluse - Studio Snowspot

The Padre - Shotgun with Glitters

Re-Antistar - Eelstork

Beemine Greenhouse Seduction - JustKay

Comme Un Cauchemar - Gonella Productions

Une Sale Grippe - Gonella Productions